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Do you have a project coming up that will need a professional delivery process to see it through?

At Amber Software we take pride in the work that we develop and deliver to our clients. Being able to do this meant that we had to develop a solid delivery process that not only was easy to implement but also provided the necessary value needed for a fool proof end to end delivery process.


Being an Agile house, we have taken guidance from the established, tested and proven methodologies and frameworks of Agile. We have in turn come up with a brilliant and easy to follow process that covers all the required steps to delivering projects seamlessly, effectively and most importantly on time.

Not only can you trust that your projects will be handled professionally and delivered on time but when you choose Amber Software to develop your solution, you can also request that our in house Agile project management service be applied or implemented to your projects within your own organisation to deliver quality projects to your clients.

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Our team is agile

We have an Agile team that is made up of qualified Portfolio Managers, Scrum Masters and Product owners that will own the process and ensure full end to end facilitation and delivery of your project.

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Our process Is simple

Our process ensures adequate requirement gathering, resourcing, project backlog grooming and roadmapping. Continuous interaction and communication is driven between the delivery team and the client to ensure that a full understanding and vision of the project is obtained and that a full product backlog is realised.

Once the backlog is signed off the dedicated delivery team then moves into a full development cadence that generally follows a chosen Agile framework as a delivery guideline to see the projects through. A skilled and certified Scrum Master will own this process and ensure that best practices are being followed and that there is full transparency and communication throughout the duration of the project.