Do you want to be at the forefront of innovation and use data-driven, digital transformation to fuel your business and drive success across your entire organisation?

Power up your business with Amber Software data management and Business Intelligence services and solutions where we bring together the greatest minds, custom designed, integrated technology systems and products to build revolutionary solutions that deliver true business value for our clients. We empower our clients through technology and digital transformation and our vast experience on various technologies enable us to execute and exceed client expectations to drive growth and improve operations.

Business Intelligence

Amber Software help companies embark on a journey leveraging the latest Business Intelligence technologies to achieve sustainable growth and gain competitive market positioning by making sure you’re set up for success with the right processes in place to efficiently track your various KPIs and successfully achieve them, reducing inefficiencies, improving collaboration, increasing productivity among various departments as well as identifying areas of future growth.

Our professional data engineers use world-class technology solutions providing real-time analytics and dashboards through our various platforms. We specialise in Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence), Amazon QuickSight services (AWS) and Google Cloud BIG Data services.

Our team creates robust and structured technological environments and have helped our clients in various industries with best design approaches to overcome their data challenges and design interactive, visualizations and develop automated data management solutions to transform their business.


Data Management

Technology has revolutionised our world and daily lives and in today’s business world running off excel spreadsheets and various non-integrated systems could leave major gaps and risks with the biggest impact on the growth and performance of your business.

Data alone has no significance unless it has been collected, processed, and transformed into meaningful information you are running at a loss which could cost your business.

Our industry and technology experts deliver expertise and unique diversity of the most advanced technologies enabling us to provide cutting- edge solutions to our clients by utilising the very latest in technology to streamline all business processes, bridging the gap between technological possibilities, people and processes.

In the current era of digital transformation, turning insights into action can transform your company to go above and beyond with processes, systems, products and customers.

Empower your business with rich data insights

Our goal is to help you harness the power of technology and efficiently utilize your data for faster intelligent decision making, to boost ROI and increase business growth and operational efficiency.

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